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Lady Rose Doll

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Lady Rose is part of the Rose Doll Collection and is 15" tall. All of her clothing is removable and child-friendly. She comes with a 100% pure new wool crochet shawl to keep her warm, a felt hand embroidered tote, lace embellished felt boots, a tutu with sparkle waistband and a pretty cotton dress. All clothing and accessories are handmade with love.

Her facial features are hand embroidered and body is made with 100% cotton stuffed with polyfil. Her soft hair is a combination of acrylic, polyester, mohair and wool embellished with sequins and a permanent lace crown.

Some of the things Lady Rose likes to do is not be very lady-like and climb trees but she loves to take selfies and go shopping. Anything is fun with a doll like Lady Rose.

A matching lace hairband and sparkly hair elastic just for you!

Dolls not suitable for children under 3.

Spot clean as needed. Not recommended for swimming!

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